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The link between addiction and mental illness is all too common among drug treatment patients. Many seeking recovery at a drug recovery center Fort Lauderdale are unaware that they are dealing with comorbid conditions. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that only approximately 14% of the nine million Americans battling substance abuse and a mental disorder actually receive dual diagnosis treatment. At a drug recovery center Fort Lauderdale, professionals understand the significance of addressing these co-occurring disorders. Studies show that when addicts with an underlying mental condition only receive treatment for addiction their potential to relapse is greater.

Dual Diagnosis

The term “Dual Diagnosis” is a relatively new terminology used to reference the occurrence of a mental illness concurrent with addiction. Mental illnesses include bi-polar spectrum disorders, depression, panic disorders, generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders, high levels of stress coupled with poor coping skills. In addition, a mental illness is a primary trigger for addiction in people with a genetic predisposition to addiction. The mental disorder makes them much more vulnerable to the need to drink or use drugs to self-medicate away their psychological and emotional discomfort.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Drug Recovery Center Fort Lauderdale

Dual Diagnosis treatment is a complex medically driven process that address the neurological imbalances central to both addiction and a mental disorder. Because symptoms of mental illness often mimic those of severe addiction patients must be carefully evaluated. This evaluation is best achieved after the patient has halted habitual drug use as it enables an accurate diagnosis of the mental illness as well as the extent of it.  Our customized treatment programs include therapies that directly treat mental illness as well as addiction. These are always designed based on the results of the patient’s assessment. Dual diagnosis treatment may entail:

  • Inpatient Hospitalization. This service is often necessary for patients that are suffering from severe depression, are suicidal or dealing with an emotional disorder that put them at risk of self-harm. Patients in this program receive around the clock medical supervision and nursing care. Once the individual has been stabilized they are better able to participate in their rehabilitation process.
  • Long term residential rehab has been shown in studies to be the most effective for dual diagnosis patients. In terms of long term sobriety, this program provides sufficient time for patients to experience neurological shifts and develop appropriate management skills to deal with triggers to addiction after rehab.
  • Complementary treatment integrates holistic and conventional treatment modalities and expands the treatment services for dual diagnosis patients. In addition, our treatment processes incorporate dynamic evidence-based modalities that are augmented with educational programs and a range of holistic remedies that help to support receptivity to other treatment processes.
  • Relapse prevention training and aftercare programs are also integral to the recovery process.

If you suspect that you or a loved is dealing with an underlying mental disorder such as depression, along with a drug or alcohol use disorder it is important to get help from a drug recovery center Fort Lauderdale as soon as possible.

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