Faith-based recovery programs in Florida are designed to help addicts address and treat their disease through spiritual healing and core faith beliefs. Treatment for addiction requires a comprehensive approach which, and for many, faith-based programs are the answer. These treatment protocols integrate the struggle of recovery with the moral principles of religion. The spiritual recovery of the individual is as vital to the process as the recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

Faith-based recovery programs are common, and are typically incorporated into self help group AA meetings. The 12-step program encompasses the belief in God, prayer and the Bible. These are the guiding principles of treatment, and although it does not work for every patient, it has proven to be effective for many.

Aspects of Faith-Based Recovery

The structure of a faith-based recovery programs usually incorporates traditional and alternative forms of addiction treatment. Holistic healing, coupled with elements of religion help to build a strong foundation for the recovering addict.Treatment typically includes medical detox, meetings with a spiritual counselor or minister, education and exploration of spiritual beliefs, Bible study and meditation, relapse prevention programs, and counseling.

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reported that approximately 80% of Americans believe in God or a higher power. They also reported that faith or religion can help to deter the use of drugs or alcohol, and lastly, that those who do not have a strong faith or religious commitment are more prone to abuse these substances.

Faith-based recovery programs in Florida are designed for anyone who wants to incorporate their religious beliefs into their treatment regimen. This integration of spirituality and addiction treatment helps to motivate recovery. By using the recovery tools and skills they learned during rehab, recovering addicts can rely on their faith to help them through whatever obstacles they may face in the future.  Treatment centers that incorporate both traditional and spiritual recovery programs can provide with the support and guidance patients need to continue on the path to sobriety.

The disease of addiction affects the mind, body and spirit.  For this reason, faith-based recovery programs in Florida aim to give patients the hope and balance they need to achieve the ultimate goal of sobriety. If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, contact a drug rehab center, and speak to a specialist who can help.

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