How to Get an Addict to Seek Help

Unfortunately, the physical effects of drug addiction are not the only negative attributes associated with the illness. Prolonged drug and alcohol abuse is often accompanied by serious mental and emotional struggles, denial being one of them. Denial is a major barrier for most addicts when considering addiction rehab. Oftentimes it takes encouragement from loved ones to encourage addicts to seek the treatment and support in recovery they so desperately need. This encouragement frequently comes in the form of an addiction intervention.

Conduct a Drug Addiction Intervention

Getting someone to accept help for a drug problem can be difficult, with people often in complete denial about their addiction. An intervention is any organized attempt to get someone to accept the existence or extent of their drug problem. A range of intervention approaches are possible, with direct confrontational methods used alongside indirect invitational methods. The ARISE model of intervention is the most well-known indirect model in use today, with the Systematic Family model the most well-known direct approach. Following a successful intervention, the person involved will be enrolled in an appropriate detox or rehab program, with additional interventions possibly needed if a relapse event takes place. While it is possible to organize an intervention by yourself, access to a professional interventionist can be a great help.  

Preparing for an Intervention

Conducting an intervention is not a simple process. A detailed preparation phase is needed prior to the actual event. During this phase, participants will compose letters to the person involved and carry out a rehearsal event to make sure everything is in place. They will approach the topic with a concerned, non-judgmental tone. Talking to an intervention counselor can be invaluable at this stage of the process, with an experienced and trained professional able to choose an appropriate model and facilitate the overall process. During the preparation phase, the people involved are also advised to write a list of things they will no longer tolerate, including any co-dependency issues related to emotional and financial control.

Addiction Rehab Can Help

Overcoming a drug addiction is never easy, with professional support often needed to ensure successful discontinuation and recovery. The addiction treatment process includes a number of separate components designed to work together, from the early stages of addiction intervention and detox through to the later stages of aftercare support. The overall goal of an intervention is for an addict to acknowledge they have a problem and accept the appropriate help.

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