Meth Addiction Treatment Overview

The Importance of Meth Addiction Treatment in Recovery

Methamphetamine, also known as “meth,” “crystal,” and “ice” is a highly dangerous stimulant that can quickly destroy lives. Meth works by changing the brain’s chemistry and flooding it with dopamine, which gives abusers a sudden rush of pleasure and energy.  To duplicate the initial rush of euphoria, users end up needing more and more and easily become hooked. This drug is dangerous due to its addiction rate and ability to rapidly deteriorate the body, not only physically but psychologically as well. Many abusers wonder if medical treatment for ice addiction is necessary, and the answer is yes. Meth addiction treatment provides abusers with the best chance to overcome this serious addiction.

How to Stop Ice Addiction

Individuals who seek meth addiction treatment have a chance at reversing the chemical changes to the brain, rather than those who keep abusing. Meth works by giving a rush of dopamine to the brain, enhancing the user’s ability to feel pleasure and gain energy. Over time, dependence develops and the dopamine receptors in the brain become damaged, which can damage the user’s ability to feel pleasure naturally. Luckily, this damage is more likely to be fixed with the right medical treatment for ice addiction.

Unfortunately, the ability to naturally produce dopamine isn’t the only brain function affected by meth use. Cognitive behavior is incredibly impaired with long-term meth use. In case, abusers risk permanently damaging their memory, capability of judgment, and motor coordination.

Long-term meth use leads to psychotic behavior, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, insomnia, and can even cause death. When it comes to how to stop ice addiction, this drug isn’t one that is recommending to be tapered off. Because of the psychosis and over-stimulation associated with this drug, the chances of successfully weaning off meth are extremely low. Many former meth addicts admit that although stopping meth “cold turkey” is physically and mentally taxing, it’s the best way to detox the body from this substance.

Withdrawal from meth can last anywhere up to a week or more, depending on the user and the length of time of abuse. Many recovering meth addicts describe meth withdrawal as the “eat and sleep” process, where the body goes into overdrive trying to repair itself. Because the brain is working hard to restore dopamine levels to a natural state, exhaustion occurs. Insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, and severe depression are likely in this state as well. Individuals in meth addiction treatment may be prescribed medications to alleviate these symptoms, such as anti-depressants or sleeping aids.

Some meth addiction treatment facilities may refer to the Matrix Model, which provides the framework for involving abusers in their medical treatment for ice addiction. The matrix model encourages cognitive-behavioral therapy, drug education, family counseling, self-help guidance, support groups, relapse-awareness, periodic drug testing, and more.

Why It’s Important to Seek Meth Addiction Treatment

Withdrawing from any toxic substance that affects the bodily, especially the brain, the way meth does, can be difficult on the body. Allowing the body to naturally restore chemical levels in the brain can cause emotional instability as well. These issues can safely be addressed in an inpatient rehabilitation center, where trained professionals make themselves available to patients at all times. The success rate of those trying to quit meth without any type of medical treatment for ice addiction or therapy is very low. The probability of not only successfully detoxing from meth but also remaining sober is much greater when entering a meth addiction treatment facility.

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