Finding Group Therapy for Addiction Tampa

The Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction Tampa

One of the effective counseling forms used in the treatment of substance abuse and addiction is group therapy. Persons dealing with the same addiction issue meet with therapists in regular sessions. There is added benefit from the peer support that comes with group therapy for addiction Tampa. Group sessions can be small with six or fewer participants or involve more than a dozen people. The group’s therapist determines the direction of the group, which can include skills development, educational programs, and other support features. Group therapy has been found to be highly effective when conducted in an inpatient setting.

The Basics of Group Therapy

When attending an individual therapy session at Tampa addiction treatment, the focus is on the single individual. In group therapy for addiction Tampa sessions, the person has the opportunity to discover the possible causes of addiction when comparing experiences to the other group member’s insights and perspectives. Having the power of the group at his or her disposal enables and encourages the person to explore the mind to find the reasons for addiction and help develop the skills needed to break free. Each person contributes to the group. There may be a member who refuses to identify as an addict or one who has relapsed. The group weighs in on those situations, and everyone learns something that applies to their situation.

Benefits of Group Therapy

There are a number of important benefits for those who participate in group therapy for addiction Tampa. The meetings may be for a specific addiction or those with a dual diagnosis.

  • Positive peer support provides pressure to abstain from addictive behavior
  • Provides a social environment to replace the isolation most people with addictions experience
  • Provides an opportunity to witness others progressing in recover
  • Learning opportunities to assist group members in coping with addiction
  • Provides important information on how to avoid addiction triggers
  • Provides a family type of setting for group member
  • Provides an opportunity to learn how to interact with others
  • Members learn social skills needed for everyday living
  • Provides an opportunity for one treatment professional to help multiple clients
  • Adds structure and discipline to those recovering from addictive behaviors
  • Observing successful recoveries provides hope and encouragement for those just beginning

Types of Addiction

Addiction is defined as a chronic disorder of the brain, which can be influenced by biological and environmental factors. Some people have a genetic risk for addiction. Relapsing into addictive behaviors is common if the person has no professional help to learn the skills needed to recover. Addiction can come in many forms. Alcohol and drug addiction (illegal and prescription) are the addictions we hear about most often. Addictions include nicotine, food, sex, gambling, codependency, and other compulsive behaviors. Therapy for drug and alcohol abuse in Tampa FL warns that addiction affects people of all races, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. While poverty can be a factor, the wealthy and successful are not immune from the problems of addiction. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, “approximately sixteen-percent of the U.S. population ages 12 and over has a substance abuse problem.”

Help for Addiction

There is no specific cure for addiction, but there are specialists and treatment facilities that provide effective ways for the person with addictions to manage and eliminate his or her use of addictive substances. Therapy for drug and alcohol abuse in Tampa FL offers help for people suffering from addiction. When addictions are left untreated, they worsen and can ultimately lead to an early death. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, only ninety-percent of people with addiction and substance abuse issues with drugs and alcohol are not receiving effective treatment.

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