What Are Marianna Inpatient Treatment Centers?

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When a person struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, the addiction is so deep-seated in their everyday life that they have difficulty separating themselves from it. This is why Marianna inpatient treatment centers offer an inpatient or residential treatment program. Through inpatient rehabilitation, a person can remove themselves from the pressures of everyday life as well as avoid the temptations and reminders at home that can affect their initial path to sobriety.

Marianna inpatient addiction treatment involves staying at a rehabilitation facility where a person can receive around-the-clock care. During the day, they will often participate in programs that may include counseling and group therapies. Also, a person can take advantage of the amenities offered in Marianna inpatient treatment centers. These can include outdoor spaces and classes to promote stress relief, which may include art therapy, music therapy, or restorative yoga. There is also downtime where a person can relax and rest, which can promote both physical and mental healing.

What Is the Average Length of Stay?

A variety of inpatient treatment options exist in Marianna. For example, a person may choose to participate in an inpatient detoxification program. This involves detoxing or withdrawing from drugs and/or alcohol. A person will often take medications to reduce nausea and anxiety and to promote sleep while they are undergoing the detox process. While detoxification can be performed on either an inpatient or outpatient basis, those with a longer history of drug abuse can greatly benefit from an inpatient program. Also, people who abuse alcohol should always choose an inpatient detoxification program due to the sometimes life-threatening nature of alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

According to an article published in the journal “Alcohol, Health & Research World,” the average length of stay in an outpatient detoxification program is 6.5 days. The average length of stay for an inpatient treatment program is 9 days. For those who elect to continue residential treatment, they often opt for 30- or 90-day programs to get sober.

What Are the Benefits to Marianna Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

Inpatient addiction treatment offers many benefits to individuals in Marianna, including providing constant medical care and supervision that is available around the clock. If a person is uncertain a symptom associated with withdrawal is “normal,” a medical professional is on-hand to answer their question. If possible, they can also administer medications to reduce unpleasant symptoms. In addition to this benefit, a person is separated from the environments and temptations where they used to do drugs. Ideally, this will make them less likely to relapse as they continue through the detox process. If a person chooses, they can then choose to continue Marianna inpatient addiction treatment.

Both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs have helped people struggling with addiction to overcome their problems. However, there are some instances where a person can benefit more from Marianna inpatient treatment centers as compared to outpatient treatment. Examples of these include:

  • When a person has a mental illness as well as substance abuse problem. Also known as a “dual diagnosis,” this disorder generally is more difficult to treat and the person can usually benefit from greater supervision and support.
  • When a person has a history of violence against themselves or others. A person can be kept safer and less likely to engage in self-harm if they are involved in an inpatient treatment facility.
  • If a person has been sober in the past and relapsed. A person may need the more intensive treatments that an inpatient program can provide when they have experienced a recent relapse.

Marianna inpatient addiction treatment program professionals are always on hand to answer further questions regarding inpatient drug rehabilitation.

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