What To Expect When Getting Sober: 5 Ways It Will Change You

This Is What To Expect When Getting Sober

Life changes drastically for the person who makes the commitment to stop drinking. If you are that person, you might be wondering what to expect when getting sober. Your physical and mental health will both be recipients of a sober life, and your ability to function in society will improve daily.

What To Expect When Getting Sober: 5 Ways It Will Change You

Changes occur in the body and mind of those who stop drinking. Depending on the length and severity of your drinking problem, some changes can be drastic. The following is what to expect when getting sober:

  1. Your liver will become healthier as alcohol-related disease reverses. – The liver is seriously affected by alcohol abuse as it’s cells are destroyed. Liver damage can result in a build up of fat in the liver, inflammation and swelling (hepatitis), and scarring (cirrhosis). When a person develops liver disease, even a small amount of alcohol will worsen the effects of the disease.
  2. Your risk of developing cancer decreases. – The risk of developing certain types of cancer is much greater in the person who is a heavy drinker. The cancer risks include pharynx (throat), larynx (voice box), esophagus, liver, breast, and colorectal.
  3. Your brain’s health will improve. – Drinking interrupts the communication between the brain’s neurons and neurotransmitters, and they are the pathway that provides the commands for body functions, such as breathing, speaking, thinking, and moving. Alcohol consumption increases the risk of dementia, and degenerative disorders called “wet brain.”
  4. Your heart and cardiovascular health will improve. – Heavy drinking raises the level of triglycerides in the blood. High blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, cardiomyopathy, cardiac arrhythmia, and sudden cardiac death can result from alcohol abuse.
  5. Your emotional health greatly improves. – When people abuse alcohol, it directly affects brain functions and contributes to mood swings and anxiety disorders. More serious psychiatric complaints develop as the amount of alcohol use increases.

Benefits Of Living Sober

The benefits of living sober are too numerous to list, but it’s important to realize they don’t occur overnight. You have spent years drinking and causing physical and mental health issues, and some of the benefits of living sober come quickly and others more gradually. Some positive results that start within the first month after you stop drinking include:

  • Your body is able to absorb and use vitamins and minerals, which are essential to good health.
  • You will start losing weight because your metabolism is restored.
  • Your energy level will increase, and you will feel less tired.
  • Your risk of cancer is reduced.
  • Your blood pressure will lower and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Your immune system gets stronger.
  • You can reverse some alcohol-related liver damage.

People discover they are more aware of their personal needs after they stop drinking. One man participating in a study related he had made a dental appointment for the first time in several years. He stated he had no idea how badly his drinking had affected his dental health, and he was making it a priority to get the oral care he needed.

Life After Alcohol Abuse

Life after alcohol abuse is a time former drinkers realize just how much they have missed. Family relationships and friendships are restored in many instances. Employment, education, romance, and many other experiences are possible in life after alcohol abuse. Appreciation of nature, beauty, and the simple things in life take on new meaning. You will find your attitude towards life, people, and working change. You’ll look forward to doing many of the things you disliked during the time you were drinking.

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