Port St Lucie Substance Abuse Counseling Programs

How to Spot Effective Port St Lucie Substance Abuse Counseling Programs

Substance use disorder is a disease that can uproot the foundations of a healthy, happy life. It finds its way into very corner of the addict’s life as the disease progresses. In 2014, a national survey revealed the extent of the problem: over 20 million people had the disease of addiction. Finding professional help is the most effective way to deal with the disease; however, some rehabs do a better job than others. In this article, we will look at the traits shared by effective substance abuse counseling programs to help you find the best rehab in the Port St Lucie, Fl area. 

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Before we delve into the traits to be on the lookout for in the treatment for substance abuse, the following principals and traits have been provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which focuses on advancing addiction sciences.

Detox by Itself Isn’t Enough

Rehabs that offer to treat an addiction through a detoxification program alone should be avoided because the detox only helps to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of drug dependence and does little for the addiction itself, which is a mental disorder. Further therapy and counseling are required, along with other holistic approaches at times, to properly overcome the disease.

Customized Treatment Plans

Addiction has effective treatments; however, a singular treatment plan isn’t appropriate for everyone. One person may have better success with motivational interviewing while another person may have better success with cognitive-behavioral therapy. The top substance abuse treatment centers customize their treatment plans.

Ongoing Assessments

In the same way that treatment plans need to be customized to each individual, so too must an addict’s progress in substance abuse counseling programs be adjusted where necessary to provide optimal treatment results. As treatment progresses, it may become clear that family therapy or medication is required and the patient must therefore be continually assessed throughout their treatment.

Medications Help, But Aren’t a Solution by Themselves

The FDA has approved several medications due to their effectiveness in the treatment of addictions to various substances. Medications are invaluable to treatment for substance abuse but aren’t an effective treatment solution by themselves. For example, medications such as naltrexone, disulfiram, and acamprosate are only truly effective in the treatment of alcoholism when they are a part of a comprehensive behavioral treatment program.

The Most Effective Therapy and Counseling

In order to effectively treat an addict through substance abuse counseling programs, the best types of treatment methods that should be used include family, individual, and group counseling. Individual and family therapy is especially effective during the early stages of treatment. To help maintain abstinence, peer support and group counseling is highly effective.

A Multi-Pronged Approach

The top substance abuse treatment centers understand that to truly help an individual through the grips of addiction, treatment should look at more than just their substance abuse. All of the important areas in the addict’s life must be addressed, such as their vocation, medical and psychological needs, and their legal and social problems. This “whole-patient” approach helps to not only stop substance abuse, but it helps the person to become a happy, productive member of their community.

Dual Diagnosis

A common trait shared by addicts in substance abuse counseling programs is the co-occurrence of another mental disorder. Many addicts suffer from more than just addiction; they may have another mental disorder such as PTSD, social anxiety, or bi-polar among others. By treating all of the mental disorders, long-term abstinence is more easily achieved.

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