Fentanyl Patch Side Effects

Negative Consequences of Using Fentanyl Patches

Fentanyl is one of the most powerful painkillers known to medical science, and it’s often used to treat the most severe forms of pain. If you are recovering from a major operation, undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of cancer, or struggling with a chronic back condition, you may be prescribed fentanyl patches, transdermal medication worn on the skin that slowly releases a steady stream of powerful painkilling chemicals.

When used appropriately, fentanyl can be a powerful ally in the fight for pain relief, but there are dangers as well. If you are using fentanyl even for a short time, it is vital to watch out for the early warning signs of addiction and any unintended side effects.

What Is a Fentanyl Patch?

Pain medication can be administered in many different ways, from IV drips at the patient’s bedside to pills they have to swallow on a set schedule. Fentanyl patches are different, designed to be worn directly on the skin, and once there, the patches deliver a steady stream of pain medication directly to the patient’s bloodstream.

You may have been prescribed a fentanyl patch while you were in the hospital recovering from a major operation or sent home with a few patches after your last cancer treatment. But no matter what the reason, you need to treat this powerful painkiller with extreme care, and that includes watching out for signs of addiction and potentially dangerous side effects.

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Side Effects of Fentanyl Patches

Fentanyl patches provide powerful and almost instantaneous pain relief, but they can also have unwanted side effects. If you or someone you care about has been prescribed fentanyl patches for pain, it is essential to watch out for these potentially dangerous side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Itchiness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Redness at the patch side
  • Insomnia
  • Hot and cold flashes

If you see any of these symptoms or side effects, you should call your doctor right away. Fentanyl can be highly effective when used properly, but this potent drug is not without its dangers, and you do not want to put your health at risk.

Signs of Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl is an incredibly powerful pain medication, one capable of treating even the most severe pain. As a result, fentanyl is often given to the sickest patients, including those being treated for aggressive forms of cancer and those undergoing major surgical operations.

The very aspects that make fentanyl so effective as a painkiller also create a strong potential for addiction, especially if the drug’s use is chronic and continuous. If someone in your life has been prescribed fentanyl, it is important to watch out for the early warning signs of fentanyl addiction, including:

  • Fast heartbeat
  • Complaints about pounding in the ears
  • Moodiness or mood changes
  • Lack of coordination
  • Hallucinations and delusions
  • Chest tightness
  • Tearing open fentanyl patches to consume the contents

If you notice any of these warning signs or symptoms, it is essential to seek treatment as soon as possible. When abused, fentanyl can go from a lifesaving pain medication to an incredibly addictive and potentially deadly drug.

Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms

Whether it comes in patch, powder, or tablet form, fentanyl is a potent pain medication that is highly effective at treating pain and potentially dangerous. The staff at hospitals where fentanyl is routinely used must take extra precautions to protect themselves from the drug’s toxic effects. For those taking fentanyl, the dangers can be even greater.

Those risks really ramp up when trying to quit using fentanyl, especially after a physical dependency has set in. Some of the most challenging fentanyl withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Excessive yawning
  • Heavy sweating
  • Chills
  • Runny nose
  • Backaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heart rate

Treatment for Fentanyl Addiction at WhiteSands

Fentanyl is one of the most powerful pain medications on the planet, but this sets up a conundrum for many people. If you were prescribed a fentanyl patch in the first place, you obviously had high levels of pain and discomfort that could only be alleviated using a high power pain medication.

When you find yourself addicted to the very pain medication that had been giving you relief, you face a dilemma, one that the staff at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab can help you deal with and ultimately overcome. We work with a team of medical experts, caring doctors and nurses who can develop an alternative pain relief course.

These treatment programs can eliminate your discomfort, allow you to live your life, and allow you to escape the trap of addiction and dependency on dangerous substances. We can guide you through every step of the detox, rehab and recovery process, giving you a new lease on life by weaning you off fentanyl in a safe, comfortable, and controlled manner.

If you are ready to begin your journey to a better life, we are here to help, and all it takes is a single phone call. Please contact us today or visit one of our Florida locations to take the first step on your path to drug-free and effective pain management.

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