5 Reasons Not to Wait till After the Holidays to Go to Rehab

Why Do People Wait to Go to Rehab in the New Year?

If you’ve made the courageous decision to seek help with a drug or alcohol addiction, don’t wait until after New Year’s Eve to attend rehab. Find out why it’s better to go over the holiday season below.

New Year’s Eve is a powerful symbol of change for many people. Family and friends gather in their finery, put on silly hats, and count down to the new calendar year. We make resolutions and identify what areas of our life we want to change. For people who struggle with addiction, this may be when they or other family members resolve to get help and change behavior patterns. The idea of a fresh start and a new way of life is something those in recovery and those making resolutions share, but it’s actually more effective to go to rehab the moment you decide to be sober. Only 9% of people surveyed who made a New Year resolution felt they had successfully kept it.

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5 Reasons Not to Put Off Going to Rehab


You may feel that it makes sense to make rehab a New Year resolution, but since the holidays often involve people taking paid vacation days, you’re actually better off using that time to focus on your health. It may be easier for your boss to give you time off approaching the holidays than it would be in January and allow you a modicum of privacy since it’s normal to take time off during the holidays, and your absence won’t stand out. If you’re in school, the holiday break will allow you to focus all your attention on addiction recovery and not compete with your studies.


Many insurance companies reset their deductibles with the change of calendar year and attending rehab before this reset will save you money. And since resolutions are so popular with the people making them, if you wait to go to rehab in January, the facility you want might be full. Both of these reasons are enough to go to rehab over the holidays on their own, but there are even more compelling ones below.


It’s no secret that drug and alcohol addiction is tough on the body, and prolonged use of either can quite literally kill you at any time. Even though the holidays are a joyous family celebration, people experience the loss of loved ones during this time. Wouldn’t you prefer your family not to have to mourn your loss during future holidays to come?


The holidays are full of delicious things, glitzy parties, and alcohol. There is no better time to remove yourself from temptation, especially since you’ve realized you need to change your life. Going to rehab for the holidays removes these obstacles, you may not want to miss family events, but you’re setting yourself up for success by attending rehab during this time. Your loved ones want the best for you, even if that means missing family gatherings.


Aside from the increased cost of insurance deductibles after the new year, there is also the emotional cost of addiction. There is no better time to give your family hope for your recovery and to begin to repair the damage addiction has caused to those relationships. Give your family peace of mind during the holidays, knowing that you are receiving the best treatment and are safe and cared for.

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why you shouldn't wait until after the holidays to go to rehabHow to Start Searching for the Best Rehab

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