Lakeland’s Unique Approach to Drug Detox Programs

The Importance of Personalized Care in Lakeland Drug Detox Programs

Entering an inpatient detox program is a very personal experience that is different for everybody, from the specific medical needs they may have to the treatments that will best help their bodies detox from the substances they were using. Some may be excited about the new opportunities a sober life will grant them, while others may be nervous, or worried about life at home while they are away. Because people are so diverse in their needs, Lakeland drug detox programs at WhiteSands are personalized treatment plans, created to best suit the requirements of each individual, including their physical, mental, and spiritual health needs, giving each patient the best possible chance at achieving a full recovery.  

Comprehensive Treatment Modalities in Lakeland’s Detox Programs

Treatment in Lakeland for a substance use disorder will often require long-term, comprehensive care. This is because drug addiction can make changes to the way the brain works. Drug use can cause you to develop a physical dependence, and it can also create changes in the way you think and behave, especially if you have been misusing substances for a long time, mixing substances, or using large amounts.

A comprehensive treatment program that incorporates helpful medical care, with integrated therapy, counseling, life skills, healthy habits, stress reduction, group therapy, and other types of treatment will give you the best possible chance at achieving long-term recovery. You need to address all aspects of addiction in treatment.

WhiteSands drug detox Lakeland is a good place to start your treatment program because we also offer inpatient and outpatient services that can last as long as you need them to, helping you transition through the various phases of addiction treatment seamlessly. You can detox in our luxury campus, and then, as soon as you are ready, move into your comfortable inpatient residence and begin your customized treatment plan that will help you to heal your body, your mind, and your spirit as you continue doing the work to overcome addiction.

Understanding the Drug Detox Process in Lakeland

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Many people will put off going to rehab out of fear of what detoxing will be like, but at WhiteSands, our team will do all we can to ensure you stay safe, comfortable, and taken care of. We know that this may be one of the biggest transitional periods of your life, so along with high-quality medical care, you will have access to everything you need to succeed. You will stay in a comfortable room, eat healthy food, and get plenty of rest as your body detoxes.

The length of your detox program in Lakeland will depend on the substances you have been using, as well as the severity of the addiction, but in general, most people stay in detox for approximately ten to fourteen days. In this time, you can rest, and start the process of healing.

Certain prescription medications may be provided to those experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms, and you will also have holistic options to assist with discomfort as needed. At WhiteSands drug detox (Lakeland) all of our trauma-informed staff are non-judgmental, and they truly want to help you. Counseling is available immediately, and there will always be somebody nearby, day or night, who you can reach out to if you need assistance, or just need to talk. For those who require additional mental health care, dual diagnosis treatments with psychological care and psychiatric medication are also provided.

The Role of Medical Supervision in Lakeland’s Detox Programs

For many people, quitting drugs can involve some serious side effects that need to be managed by medical professionals. Substance abuse can alter the brain’s chemistry, and as the body adjusts to not having access to these chemicals, withdrawal symptoms may appear.

Common withdrawal symptoms from drugs include headaches, stomach issues, drug cravings, body aches and pains, anxiety, insomnia, and flu-like symptoms. In some cases, symptoms can escalate into more serious side effects like high fever, hallucinations, psychosis, seizures, or delirium tremens, and depending on which drugs you have been using, may require 24-hour medical and/or psychiatric care to ensure your safety.

At WhiteSands, our team will be there, day and night. You may receive medical care or prescriptions like blood pressure medication, anti-nausea drugs, or anticonvulsants, so you will be able to rest comfortably, without worry.

Support Systems and Aftercare Post-Detox in Lakeland

At WhiteSands, we create personalized treatment programs in Lakeland for each of our patients. There are options available throughout Florida, including inpatient (residential) treatment centers with luxury residences 24-hour care and a variety of outpatient options to choose from as well. We know that you are an individual, with your own unique needs and challenges to face, so we will guide you into the program that will best help you stay sober after your time in detox is complete. The following are the program options we provide:

  • Inpatient rehab – stay in our luxurious treatment center full-time, living in comfort while receiving full days of treatment, therapy, and care. Inpatient programs often last 20 to 90 days on average, with a focus on replacing harmful addictive behaviors with healthy habits.
  • Partial hospitalization programs – also known as “day patient” programs, PHPs let you live at home, while attending an intensive, structured program for four to six hours per day, five days a week. Further structured activities are also provided outside of these treatment hours as well.
  • Intensive outpatient programs – IOPs are tailored to the individual, and vary in intensity. They involve regular visits to the treatment center (often three times a week), frequent cognitive behavioral therapy appointments, and monitoring by our board-certified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and counselors. These are fully outpatient programs, meaning you live at home and can attend school, work, and spend your time outside of treatment the way you want to.
  • Aftercare – After your treatment plan has been completed, you are not left on your own. At WhiteSands, your relapse prevention plan comes into place. You will have the option to continue seeing your therapists and doctors, meet up with local support groups, call our 24-hour hotline, and attend virtual check-in meetings daily to help you stay on track.

Overcoming Challenges During Drug Detox in Lakeland

During drug detox, Lakeland residents will likely experience more than just physical withdrawal symptoms. Detox can be challenging on many levels. You may find that you are doubting yourself, you may feel regret, and you may go through very difficult moments as your mind and body purge the toxins from your system.

The team at WhiteSands is experienced in all things addiction, including the mental toll that substance use causes. Staying in our inpatient facility as you recover will provide you with strong care that will help make this life-changing transition easier for you. Overcoming addiction takes time, and there are many interconnected factors to address, including social, physical, psychological, behavioral, and even practical issues like where you will live after rehab, or how your friend group will respond to your new sober lifestyle. We will give you the tools you need to heal, grow, and become the person you want to be. Detox is only the beginning, and our team will make sure you have everything you need.

WhiteSands Treatment: Leading the Way in Drug Detox in Lakeland

WhiteSands has the top drug detox Lakeland Florida program, offering high-quality care, evidence-based programming, medication-assisted treatments, and more to our patients. Our innovative approach to drug detox and rehabilitation has helped many people heal the underlying causes of their addiction, and move forward in their lives with new, practical skills and relapse prevention tools that will last a lifetime.

Rehab is not easy, but with WhiteSands, you will have all the resources, tools, support, and creature comforts you need to keep you inspired, comfortable, and motivated on your personal sobriety journey. If you are ready to take the first step, or if you have any questions about the intake process, insurance coverage, or our Lakeland drug detox programs, please contact us today at 863-213-6711.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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