Many patients are prescribed M367 pills by their physician if they are suffering from pain associated with an injury or post-surgical procedure, but what is this medication and why does it have a negative reputation? M367 pills refer to a medication that contains hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone bitartrate, as you may be aware, is an opioid prescribed to treat pain. Acetaminophen, the generic name for Tylenol, is a medication that also helps treat pain. Together, these medications form powerful pain relief. 

Unfortunately, opioid drugs–even prescription medication opioids–are among the most abused and dangerous drugs today. M367 pills are often sold on the street in pill form or crushed into white powder so they can be injected. In either form, this medication is highly addictive. 

If you have become addicted to M367 pills, WhiteSands can help. We offer a full range of addiction treatments that include residential rehab, outpatient treatment, medical detox, medication-assisted treatment, aftercare, and dual diagnosis treatment. Our licensed clinicians are experienced addiction specialists who are well-versed in the treatment of opioid use disorders. With individualized treatment based on best therapeutic practices, you can achieve your recovery milestones and put opioid abuse behind you. 

Opioid drugs cause thousands of overdose deaths in the U.S. each year. Many of these opioid deaths are related to prescription opioids. Whether you became addicted as a result of an opioid prescription or because you obtained these pills illicitly, you can get professional rehab help to achieve lasting recovery. Let WhiteSands help you manage your opioid addiction for good. 

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Introduction to M367: Identifying the Pill

The M367 pill is not typically difficult to identify in pill form. The pill is white and imprinted with the letters and numbers: M367. The pill is oval and bisected. The real problem for users is identifying the pill after it’s been crushed. Many dealers mix other ingredients into their stock to increase the drug’s strength. This can prove to be a dangerous cocktail for users. If you cannot identify a drug, it’s important to avoid taking it. If a pill appears to have been tampered with, you should also avoid taking it. 

The Composition and Medical Use of M367 White Pills

M367 white pills are prescribed to treat intermediate to severe pain. This medication is formulated with the active ingredients hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen. Together, these drugs treat pain. Physicians may prescribe them to treat post-surgical pain or pain associated with a painful health condition or injury. The pills are white and imprinted with the letters/numbers: M367. Users should take the drug as prescribed by their healthcare provider. The drug does come with various warnings because of its potency. Users are instructed to take the drug only as directed as it involves a high risk of dependency. Users may also need to refrain from driving or operating equipment when under the influence of the drug. Patients should talk to their doctor about this medication if they experience unusual effects. 

Understanding the Dosage and Effects of M367

If your doctor prescribes M367 pills to you, they will most likely advise you about the potential risks and side effects of this medication. Patients should be aware of the risk of dependence. The hydrocodone bitartrate in this medication is an opioid analgesic. It can be extremely addictive. Doctors typically monitor patients taking opioids closely because of the risk of drug abuse. In many cases, physicals will only prescribe M367 white pills on a short-term basis. 

The drug should, ideally, reduce pain for individuals who are taking it. Patients may feel drowsy when taking the medication, so they may need to adjust their daily schedule to account for that. Driving or using equipment may not be possible for some patients taking M357 pills. 

Potential Risks and Side Effects of M367 White Oval Pills 

m367 white pill

As mentioned, M367 pills are associated with a high risk of abuse because they contain an opioid, and opioids are popular drugs of abuse and highly addictive. People taking these drugs may experience nausea or dilated pupils. If you are taking this medication and side effects increase in severity or become unusual, you should contact your healthcare provider right away. If you become dependent on the drug or addicted to it, you should contact WhiteSands for help. Opioid prescription medications can be just as powerful as illicit opioids. Prescription opioids are associated with a high overdose rate. Even though this medication is legal when prescribed by a physician for a legitimate medical need, it is a dangerous drug when abused. People who use the drug for recreational purposes are doing so illegally. M367 pills purchased on the street may be laced with other drugs, which only increases their effects and potential for overdose.

The Risk of Addiction and Abuse with Pills Containing M367

As an opioid prescription drug, M367 white pills are associated with a high rate of abuse and addiction. If you are involved in the abuse of this medication, you could be paving a path to an opioid use disorder. If you have one, you should know that opioid addiction is dangerous and chronic. It will not go away on its own. People with opioid use disorders typically require high-quality rehab treatment designed to target each aspect of their addiction. This is the type of treatment available at WhiteSands. 

Safe Handling and Administration of M367 Medication 

Users should only take M367 medication if they are prescribed it by their physician and obtain the drug from an accredited pharmacy. Do not take M367 pills or in crushed form on the street. Only take the medication as directed by your doctor. Do not increase the dose or take your next dose before the prescribed time. If you develop a dependency, alert your doctor. 

Treatment Options for Addiction to M367 and Similar Opioids 

There is treatment for opioid addiction. WhiteSands offers opioid addiction treatment on an inpatient and outpatient basis. We feature a wide range of treatment options that include medical detox, aftercare, dual diagnosis treatment, and more. Prescription drug opioids are generally used to treat pain, but they come with a great risk for abuse. If you have become addicted, you need help. With treatment, you can manage your opioid addiction and safeguard your mental and physical health. 

WhiteSands Treatment’s Approach to Opioid Addiction Recovery 

If you are addicted to a prescription or illicit opioid, your health is at risk. Don’t put off treatment that could save your life. Most people don’t intend to overdose; it happens by accident. The risk of opioid overdose is real. Get in touch with WhiteSands today to discuss our enrollment process and treatment options. Your future depends on it.

WhiteSands is an accredited rehab center that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Our rehab features highly trained and licensed addiction specialists. Our clinicians offer empathetic care in our safe and welcoming rehab facility. You can manage an opioid addiction, but you need help developing strategies to manage your triggers and prevent relapse. Our clinicians can provide you with an evaluation of your health to recommend the right course of addiction treatment for you. Call us to learn more.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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