Addiction treatment can take many different forms, with different approaches, different levels of care, and different settings. Some programs offer extended long-term treatment, while others are entirely out patient-based or offer an alternative to inpatient drug treatment, such as a partial hospitalization program for addiction.

Whether a partial hospitalization program for addiction is appropriate to a given individual will depend on several factors. These include the patient’s level of addiction and potential withdrawal symptoms, any emotional or medical issues they might be suffering from, their likelihood to change their habits, their risk of relapse, and the environment they’re currently living in.

While inpatient programs can be highly effective, they can be expensive, and also remove individuals from their home environments, potentially for the long-term. This can be challenging for teens and adolescents, and unnecessary for those with minor addictions or a supportive home environment.

Partial hospitalization programs

Partial hospitalization programs are an option for those with addictions that are severe enough to need more than an out-patient program, but not so severe that a full-time, long-term inpatient program is required. They are often recommended for adolescents, especially those who are living at home or in a supportive environment. In many cases, patients may enter a partial hospitalization program after completing a rigorous inpatient detox program or medical rehab program.

Typically, partial hospitalization programs, also known as “day patient” or “day treatment” programs, require individuals to attend an intensive program for 4-6 hours a day 5 days a week, returning home when not in treatment.

Out of hours, patients will usually be involved in structured activities with or without other patients that are designed to help create bonds and facilitate the patient’s transition into society full-time. Because patients have freedom in their movement and activities outside of the program, they are typically monitored to ensure they are avoiding situations that may lead to relapse, regular drug testing is also undertaken.

Partial hospitalization services

Partial hospitalization treatment is intensive, structured and goal-oriented, and involves the expertise of numerous experts and practitioners. Individuals may undertake individual or group therapy with psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed mental health professionals. They may participate in occupational therapy, family counseling or engage with social workers. They may also receive medical diagnosis and treatment as needed.

Complementary drug treatment programs

The part-time nature of partial hospitalization programs means that they may be complemented by other approaches or programs, especially when the patient moves on to the outpatient-based stage of the treatment. These may be included as part of their program, or sought out independently.

Such programs include employment or educational support programs, peer-to-peer support or mentoring, spiritual support, self-help and group-based support, outreach and engagement, and wellness strategies.

Is there a partial hospitalization program near me?

Partial hospitalization programs require that a patient is able to attend the program via transport, so they tend to be in reach and accessible. Tampa Drug Treatment Center offers effective and long-running alternatives to inpatient drug treatment that include partial hospitalization.

Our services are tailored, personalized and friendly, and are designed to support individuals to beat their addiction and return to their new lives as healthy and productive members of society.

One of the key benefits of partial hospitalization is that it offers addicted individuals a safety net against potential relapse into addiction. Many individuals who have undertaken an intensive inpatient detox program may suddenly find themselves back in the outside community, where it’s easy to resume bad habits.

Is partial hospitalization the right choice for me?

Partial hospitalization gives individuals the support, guidance, and encouragement that they need to continue their path to treatment and sobriety, reducing the likelihood that they’ll relapse. Moreover, if patients do find themselves concerned about returning to their old ways, they have immediate access to a team of qualified individuals who can support them through this difficult time.

Patients at Tampa Drug Treatment Center can also opt to involve their family through our family programs this can be an effective way of rebuilding relationships that may have been damaged by addiction, and help ensure that patients have strong ties in the community.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, or are ready to take the next step in your treatment, don’t wait. If you’re asking “is there a partial hospitalization near me,” the answer is yes. Contact Tampa Drug Treatment Center a(877) 855-3470 t  to discuss our partial hospitalization programs to see how we can help.