Benefits of Private Alcohol Treatment Centers

In today’s world, there are many options for addiction recovery. From 12-step groups to public or private care, there are so many options to choose from that it can be hard to figure out which treatment for alcoholism is right for you or a loved one. When it comes to medically supervised detox and counseling for alcohol addiction, you have two basic options: private treatment centers or public treatment centers. If private treatment is available, there are several reasons why it should be preferred.

Personalized Care

Alcohol addiction is a public problem, so there are many public treatment options, which are care centers and programs that receive public funding. Because these publicly funded programs tend to have lower costs for patients, they are also inundated with individuals who are looking for care at low to no cost. This makes it difficult for these centers to offer truly personalized care, and many have long wait lists for admission. At private alcohol treatment centers, however, it is much easier to get the customized treatment that is best for your needs because doctors and counselors tend to have fewer patients to work with. This means they can devote more time to your care.

More Resources

Public alcohol treatment centers provide valuable services, but they cannot do as much for their patients as a private alcohol rehab. Patients who enroll in a public treatment program do not have the benefit of the same high-quality facilities and alternative treatments available at Tampa Drug Treatment Center. We provide additional programs such as exercise, yoga, art therapy, and more that are effective supplements to addiction recovery and can improve your chances for lasting sobriety. We also have amenities such as a swimming pool, on-site gym, and other features that will make your stay more comfortable than at many public treatment facilities.


You might think that all of these extras at private alcohol treatment centers such as ours come at a cost you cannot afford, but that is not the case. We accept most private insurance plans from most states, and this coverage reduces or even eliminates your out-of-pocket cost for treatment. It all depends on the specific plan that you have; we work with many different plans that cover private alcohol rehab. Patients at our facility in Tampa, Florida, benefit from our expertise in working with insurance companies to secure high-quality care at the most affordable price to you. We can even help you work out your transportation needs if you don’t live in the Tampa Bay area.

Get Help Today

The dual-diagnosis treatment programs at Tampa Drug Treatment Center are offered in a private setting and personalized to your specific needs. Our highly trained professionals are fully accredited and certified, providing you with excellent care in a safe and comfortable facility. We are standing by to assist you with formulating the best treatment option for your particular needs. Fill out our form or call today to get a free clinical assessment and our staff will get started on making sure that you get alcohol addiction treatment that can set you up for success.