Support Groups for Spouses of Drug Addicts in Tampa | Find Peer Support and Counseling

Drug or alcohol addiction can drastically change the way an individual feels, thinks, and acts. Unfortunately, it’s not only the addict who experiences these alterations. Spouses often witness every broken promise and careless comment firsthand and experience the blunt reality of the changes and tragedy drugs can bring. For spouses of addicts, support groups are a way to learn how to cope with their loved one’s addiction and help them navigate the recovery process, and we can help you find the support you need as well as the treatment your spouse needs. Few people enter a relationship expecting to deal with addiction, but there are ways to recover from the experience and foster a happy, healthy future for both partners.

Life as the Spouse of a Drug Addict

Support groups for spouses of addicts were formed in response to the realization that living as the spouse of a drug addict can be physically and emotionally draining. Drugs drastically alter the natural chemistry of the brain, making it difficult for the addict to make logical decisions or to experience joy or contentment in anything other than the substance they’re abusing. For a spouse, this can mean watching someone you love slip into a dulled, depressed shell of their former self. Even after their loved one has completed a rehabilitation program, a spouse may need counseling in order to deal with aftershocks of the addiction and adjust to life as it is now.

If you are the spouse of a drug addict, the first and arguably most important thing to remember is that their addiction is not your fault, nor is it your responsibility to cure it. Addiction can be managed, but it requires constant, lifelong effort, and that effort must be made on the part of the addict. Take care of yourself, and evaluate whether you have become codependent as a consequence of the addiction. If this is the case, you may need to speak to a professional who can help you learn better strategies for living with your spouse.

Support Groups for Spouses of Drug Addicts in Tampa

There are many different types of meetings for spouses of drug addicts. In Tampa, many families have felt the heartbreak when a loved one is wrenched away by an overdose, and some groups specialize in helping those who have gone through this horrible ordeal. Support groups for spouses of drug addicts in Tampa also operate with the goal of preventing future tragedies, empowering their members with the education and encouragement they need to help their loved ones begin treatment. Opening up to a group about personal struggles can be hard at first, but many members find that the interaction is both cathartic and informative. A support group can also be a way to reconnect with a spouse during their recovery. It’s not uncommon for partners to feel distant when one of them must go to a support group, leaving the other with no way to connect to the experience. Attending a group for spouses can help couples share the process of recovery while making sure that each individual has their specific needs met.

Get Personalized Help for Spouses of Addicts

At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we’re proud to offer cost-effective addiction treatment programs, but we understand that the families of our patients need help, too. We’re happy to provide information about our individualized program options and dual-diagnosis approach, and we can also connect you with a professional counselor for family therapy as part of your husband or wife’s customized treatment plan.

For more information on meetings for spouses of drug addicts in Tampa and treatment options for those suffering from addiction, call our 24/7 phone line or fill out the form here.