In recent years, the gender gap regarding addiction has narrowed. Women are using and abusing drugs and alcohol in increasing numbers, highlighting the crucial need for women’s inpatient rehab centers such as Tampa Drug Treatment Center.

Even though men have higher rates of using and becoming dependent on alcohol and drugs, women are just as likely to become addicted to the substances and might be more susceptible to intense cravings.

According to a recent TEDS Report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

  • 33% of the 1.84 million substance abuse facility admissions in 2011 were female.
  • 21.7% of females surveyed ages 12 to 17 consider alcohol their primary substance of abuse, compared to just 10.5% of males.
  • For female patients at a treatment facility for prescription pain pill addiction, who were 65 years of age or older, admissions were nearly three times higher than their male counterparts (7.2% vs. 2.8%).

While addiction does affect both genders, how it affects each gender physically, mentally, and emotionally is quite different. These distinctions are what fuel our women’s drug addiction programs here.

Our addiction counselors, medical personnel and therapists are well-versed in gender-specific addiction treatment programs, and work diligently to create an individualized plan that specifically address each woman’s needs.

Gender-Specific Drug Rehab

There are many dynamics that can increase a woman’s risk for using and abusing substances. In many cases, these differ from men’s risk factors. Research has shown women who experience a high level of responsibility and stress at a young age, or live in tumultuous and violent home environments growing up are more likely to turn to substance abuse.

Other factors that can increase the chances of substance abuse and addiction include:

  • Unhealthy, poor relationships
  • Trauma (specifically sexual and physical abuse)
  • Mental-health disorders, in which some women will self-medicate to alleviate symptoms
  • A woman’s social and/or economic status
  • Seeking fulfillment or sensation
  • Coping with other disorders, such as eating disorders and/or body image disorders.

We take these risk factors into account when enrolling someone into one of our women’s drug addiction programs. We understand and address the issues that may have led to someone’s initial substance abuse involvement. Our program consists of a treatment model that is based on the strengths of the female gender, and takes their risk factors, physical and mental needs, and health concerns into consideration.

Many of the patients enrolled in our drug rehab for women are in need of not only addiction treatment, but also counseling for abuse, domestic violence, and sexual trauma. Some have withheld treatment because of concerns regarding losing their children, staying afloat financially, keeping their family together, etc.

In our alcohol and drug addiction women’s program, a safe space is created where women can rely on one another for support, encouragement and friendship. Because our peer counseling sessions will only consist of women, patients find it easier to share their thoughts, fears, hopes and struggles.

We strive to maintain a positive atmosphere for all of the women in our drug rehab program, one that will encourage each patient to continue with treatment and stay on a long-term path of sobriety and healing.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Women

If you are seeking gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment, inquire about our detox, inpatient and outpatient programs for women. Every patient will be evaluated and have a custom treatment plan created for her specific addiction needs. Inpatient programs are more intensive, and ideal for those who feel stressed in their current environment, are at high risk for relapse, or in need of a long-term concentrated treatment program that focuses on recovery.

For women who have become dependent upon alcohol and/or drugs, detox is typically the first phase of any drug addiction women’s program. It is not advised you attempt detox on your own. Alcohol and specific drugs are known to cause severe and potentially life-threatening withdrawal effects. As a patient of the detox program, you will be monitored by a physician and medical staff who can administer medications to decrease withdrawal symptoms, if necessary.

We understand how the physical and emotional needs of a woman, in addition to societal expectations can play a profound role in recovery. Standard drug treatment will not take these factors into account, but a gender specific drug rehab for women such as Tampa Drug Treatment Center will.

Let us provide you with the treatment, tools, support and insight you need to achieve sobriety and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Speak to someone in our center today about our women’s drug addiction program options. One phone call can change your life. Call us now at (877) 855-3470