Tips For Positive Thinking In Addiction Recovery

Positive Thinking In Addiction Recovery Is A Priority

Positive thinking in Fort Myers drug rehab and addiction recovery is critical to success. Drugs and alcohol interfere with the normal functions of the brain, and negativity plays a major role in substance abuse. Low self-esteem and depression are detriments to recovery. Positive thinking can produce healthy attitudes that are essential for both the mental and physical aspects of the recovery process and for preventing future relapse. 

Tips For Positive Thinking In Addiction Recovery

There are a number of tips for positive thinking in addiction recovery. Negativity surrounds the life of an addict and it must go in order for your recovery to take place.

  1. Take ownership of your life and accept that you are the only one who can change it. Positive thinking in addiction recovery will give you the power to resist temptation and rebuild your life.
  2. Smile! Putting a smile on your face creates a positive feeling around you that can be contagious.
  3. Meditation provides tremendous benefits mentally and physically. Yoga is an excellent companion for meditation and is an alternative therapy available at White Sands.
  4. The old saying “one day at a time” applies perfectly to the recovery process. Be positive about today and what you are accomplishing, and don’t worry about tomorrow. It’s estimated that eighty-five percent of things we worry about have either a positive or neutral outcome.
  5. Good nutrition is essential for your recovery. Physical and mental health are connected. When your body is receiving healthy food you will feel better physically and mentally and makes positive thinking in addiction recovery much easier.
  6. Exercise strengthens the body and improves brain function. It lowers the risk of depression, reduces stress, increases sleep time and quality, and improves your mood.
  7. Drop the negative friends that supported you in your addiction, and make new friends with positive attitudes to build you up in your recovery.

Positive Thinking Helps In Recovery

Feelings of negativity can be overwhelming and can lead to relapse if not dispelled. If you start to have negative feelings you always have someone to help you through them at WhiteSands. Therapy and group sessions help build your confidence and a positive thinking attitude. Positive thinking helps in recovery because it enables you to picture a better future where you are happy, productive, and successful. When you think positively, you are reminded that you do deserve to be “clean” and have a good life. Another way positive thinking helps in recovery is by reducing depression. You will discover people enjoy being around and support you more when you have a positive attitude.

Recovery Thinking Exercises

There are two types of thoughts you experience that relate to everything in your life. Thoughts can be rational or distorted. Rational thoughts are based on facts and logic, but distorted thoughts ignore evidence and reason. Recovery thinking exercises can help you build a positive attitude that will produce rational thinking.

  • Use positive words and expressions when speaking.
  • Use language that expresses strength, power, and success.
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities.
  • Visualize yourself healthy, happy, and leading a productive life.
  • Remember all the good things you have done and make plans to do more.
  • Push out any negative thoughts that try to sneak into your mind.
  • Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made and move forward.
  • Feel confident about your daily accomplishments, and pat yourself on the back when you deserve it.
  • The past is a lesson book and not a place you live. Make each new day better than the one before it.
  • Think of ways to make people smile and then put them into action.

Positive thinking is a powerful tool that provides a path to recovery and discourages relapse. Let a WhiteSands Treatment Center help you recover from addiction with their treatment and therapy programs. Contact us today and start looking forward to many successful tomorrows. Call us now at (877) 855-3470.

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