Deadliest Drug Combinations

On the surface, and often in popular fictional movies and television shows, drug addiction is portrayed as a straightforward situation, typically with a person becoming addicted to a single substance. However, this is frequently not the case. People often experiment with multiple substances, and some of these are very dangerous drug combinations.

An individual may combine multiple drugs to experience or get a more potent high or simply due to availability. No matter the reason and abusing substances in general, some specific dangerous drug combinations should be avoided. No matter what substances you or a loved one may be using, WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab has the detox and rehab programs you need.

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Alcohol and Benzodiazepines

Alcohol is an often overlooked substance during the discussion of drug abuse. Still, it can not only be addictive on its own, but is a component of some of the most dangerous drug combinations. Alcohol and benzodiazepines are both depressants. When combined, they can be one of the deadliest drug combinations. This is due to the fact that their similar effects are compounded when taken together, which can lead to an overdose. The calming, euphoric effects of this drug combination can seem benign, and their impact on neurotransmitters can lead to people taking the substances in deadly doses.

Opioids and Alcohol

Opioids and alcohol are also both depressants that affect the central nervous system. They provide different effects when taken separately, with alcohol causing a more outwardly obvious reduction in inhibitions and opioids a more calming sense of euphoria. Like alcohol and benzodiazepines, since they both interact with the same systems in a person’s body, doubling up on the drugs can have a deadly outcome. Overdoses are almost always more prevalent when individuals combine substances due to the lack of control over the amount of each drug being taken.

Alcohol and Cocaine

Cocaine is a popular party drug all around the world. When cocaine is taken on its own, the effects typically last only 15 to 30 minutes. However, when taken in combination with alcohol, people’s high can be extended for up to an hour or more. This process makes combining these two drugs very tempting. Combining these drugs also makes people aggressive and violent, which can result in them putting themselves in dangerous situations, committing crimes, and hurting others. Drug abuse often has consequences outside of the physical and mental negative effects of using drugs, and taking this dangerous drug combination can be a catalyst that causes such events.

Heroin and Cocaine

“Speedballing,” or combining heroin and cocaine, is responsible for overdoses in the United States at an alarming rate. These two street drugs are often available from the same source, and the longer-lasting high promoted as a reason to combine the drugs is sometimes too tempting to pass up for chronic substance abusers. Like alcohol, heroin extends the amount of time the effects of cocaine will last. These two drugs do not counteract one another, even though they come from different substance categories. This common misbelief can lead people to take more of either substance, leading to a deadly overdose.

Drug Rehab and Detox at WhiteSands

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