Patient Successfully Overcomes and Manage Dual Diagnosis With The Help of WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Personalized Treatment Programs That Are Designed For Patients Accomplishment in Sobriety and Recovery

When Abby, a Sarasota patient, needed help for a dual diagnosis for her depression and substance abuse, she sought help through WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab and has never felt better.

“Patrick is phenomenal! Helped me through my depression and substance abuse problem,” Abby says.

When an individual struggles with a co-occurring disorder, it’s imperative that the root cause and driving force behind the addiction are uncovered, treated, and managed before the addiction is treated. Just as a building cannot be soundly constructed on a rocky foundation, addiction and mental health recovery cannot be effective if success is not established.

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab offers all levels of care, including outpatient and aftercare programs. When patients have a continuum of care, they are likelier to sustain sobriety on a long-term basis. This is because patients have an aftercare plan in place that allows them to navigate life after treatment with enhanced clarity.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab today at 877.969.1993 to learn how we can help.

A Balance of Group and Individual Therapy

During patients’ time in outpatient treatment, they will attend both individual therapy sessions as well as group sessions. One-on-one treatment with a primary therapist allows individuals to open up about any sort of hurdles or successes in their recovery journey so far. Group therapy introduces patients to other addicts’ experiences where they can learn and be confined in others going through similar journeys.

“Group IOP is the best and one-on-ones are even better,” Abby states with enthusiasm.

Some of the benefits of group and individual therapy are:

  • Teaches patients coping mechanisms
  • Surrounding by a network of people who are journeying through a similar situation
  • Introduces patients to trigger management and how to avoid triggers
  • Patients gain a deeper understanding of their disease and comorbidity
  • Individuals learn how to address complexities that they will encounter in the real-world

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab does not institutionalize treatment as they understand that every individual who walks through their doors is struggling with something unique. A one-size-fits-all approach to recovery is not effective as it does not address any underlying causes and driving forces behind addiction. When therapy is personalized and constructed on an individualized basis, treatment efficacy becomes enhanced.

Addiction Therapy That is Centered Around You

When patients’ treatment is tailored to their personal needs, they are much likelier to succeed in recovery. This process is because underlying sources of addiction are brought to the forefront instead of being dismissed or undiagnosed.

Some of the most effective treatments for drug or alcohol addiction are:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Detoxification, combined with other types of therapy
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)
  • Contingency management
  • 12-step facilitation
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

The proper treatment for your addiction or substance abuse problem will be determined once an in-depth patient assessment has been completed. This will give clinicians, therapists, and counselors a better idea of what program you are a good candidate for.

If you or someone you love is battling addiction, it’s time to get help. Addiction is a treatable and manageable disease, and the sooner you call for help, the quicker you can live a fulfilled life that is no longer controlled by compulsive drinking or drug use. The intake team at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab is available on a 24/7 basis to take your call. The facility has helped thousands of individuals reach and sustain sobriety, and we are confident that we can help you too.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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