What Is Outpatient Drug Rehab Like in Tampa?

Going to Drug Rehab as an Outpatient in Tampa

Every drug and alcohol addiction situation is unique, and recovery programs are not one size fits all. Severe addictions or certain substances, such as heroin or Oxycodone addiction, require inpatient rehabilitation to be successful. However, if substance use disorders are mild, caught in their early stages, and the person is motivated to stop substance abuse, outpatient rehab can be just as successful.

Outpatient rehab in Tampa, FL offers drug or alcohol abuse recovery through several forms of addiction treatment. There are various levels of care and intensity within each outpatient program which include partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP). Some outpatient programs have the flexibility to work around the clients’ schedules. Outpatient rehab is non-residential treatment, meaning clients attend substance abuse treatment at rehab centers several hours a day or week but return home at the end of the day. The general focus of addiction therapies are individual and behavioral therapy, education, and providing a support network.

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How Many Hours a Day Is Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Time spent at the treatment facility in addiction therapy depends on the needs of each individual and their addiction treatment program. A partial hospitalization program (PHP), also known as a day-night treatment, is the most intensive form of outpatient rehab, which requires clients to commit to addiction treatment five to seven days a week at the treatment facility for several hours each day.

The next level of care is an intensive outpatient program (IOP) which tapers down time commitment as the person progresses. IOP program is a good option for those who are highly motivated in their recovery but need to continue going to work or school or have daily home responsibilities. IOP program time commitment varies but generally requires a few hours for multiple days per week. After outpatient treatment is completed, drug and alcohol addiction still requires continuing care through 12-Step groups like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as individual therapy.

Is Outpatient Drug Rehab Effective?

Outpatient treatment is effective and successful when it is the right fit for the person. There are several benefits to an outpatient program, including continuing to work or school, staying at home surrounded by your personal support network, lowered costs, and actively applying what you have learned to everyday life. Outpatient rehab includes all the same forms of addiction therapy available in inpatient treatment, including individualized care, dual diagnosis treatment, medication management, cognitive behavioral therapy, family programs, group therapy, therapy sessions, holistic therapies, and mental health treatment.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Outpatient treatment provides a less restrictive environment and allows the person unsupervised access to the outside world. The ideal candidate for outpatient treatment will be highly motivated to stop substance abuse and will not tempt to relapse. Addictions that are milder and have been caught early on will be successful in outpatient care. A good candidate should also have a strong support system and accountability at home. Those who need to continue going to work or school or have home obligations would greatly benefit from outpatient care. Drug rehab in an outpatient setting can help you complete the program because those in residential treatment often leave early to get back to their responsibilities. Outpatient rehab is also a good step down from inpatient treatment for those who need continued support while they adjust to sober living in the real world.

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