Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Fort Myers FlThe importance of completing a thorough and detailed assessment when entering a drug or alcohol treatment program cannot be overstated. By learning everything that we can about the background to your substance abuse, your medical history, your social situation, and your mental and physical health, our team of dedicated experts can build up a detailed picture of exactly what type of treatment you need during your stay at WhiteSands Treatment.

What you can Expect From an Assessment

After you have had your initial phone discussion with the staff at WhiteSands Treatment, we can schedule a formal consultation that will offer the chance for a more detailed assessment of your treatment requirements. During this assessment, you will be asked detailed questions about your particular situation, and you will discuss the goals that you would like to meet in rehab. If you have previously worked with an addiction counselor, this person’s insights may also be valuable to the assessment process. At this stage, it also makes sense to work out a rough time frame for your treatment; for example, someone who required inpatient medical detox prior to therapy can expect to be in the drug treatment center for a longer period. We know that discussing personal details may make you feel vulnerable, but the highest standards of confidentiality will be in place and you will find our staff to be caring and committed to your well-being.

It is vital to note that your initial consultation does not commit you to actually entering rehab; it simply lays all of the groundwork so that if you do choose to start treatment, you can do so quickly and easily. Everything will be in place, allowing you to immediately begin your journey towards recovery.

Designing Your Treatment Program

Once the initial screening and assessment processes are entirely complete, we will have almost all the information needed to design a detox and rehabilitation program that is perfect for you. However, upon arrival at WhiteSands Treatment, you can also expect a physical to be performed by one of our doctors, and a psychiatric assessment and chemical dependency evaluation to be conducted by members of our psychiatric team. The information derived from these additional assessments further helps to ensure that you get the right care that you need and helps to preserve your physical and psychological safety during your time at WhiteSands Treatment.

We offer highly customizable treatment programs, and our board-certified doctors, nurses, and therapists have considerable expertise in using patient assessments to design a program that will maximize your chances of recovery. Your family members are also welcome to participate in aspects of your treatment. Family involvement can go a long way towards helping to heal interpersonal bonds that may have been damaged by alcoholism or drug addiction. However, your family will never be involved without your explicit approval.

Continuing Assessment and Reassessment

Our mission to provide high-quality care also means that we continually reassess the needs of all of our patients. We notice all pertinent physical and psychological changes, reacting accordingly and making subtle but effective changes to each person’s personalized treatment plan. For example, additional diagnoses may be made during your stay, further informing your medical or psychological care.

If you want to learn more about our drug addiction treatments and alcohol rehabilitation programs, contact us today at (877) 855-3470 for confidential advice and information. We provide easy, efficient, cost-effective care, and we are your allies in your quest to beat addiction. Recovery is possible, and we are determined to help.