How long does an addict need to be in rehab?

How long does an addict need to be in rehab in order to see successful results? There is no one answer for every person. For some, a 28-day rehab is ideal, while others may need to be in treatment longer. Regardless of your type of addiction, it is possible to go through intensive treatment that can help you make a change in around a month.

The concept of 28-day rehab programs, often referred to as the Minnesota Model, was designed by two men working in a state mental hospital looking for a way to treat addiction. They brought together different individuals, some from the professional world and some with previous addiction experience, to create a setting for intensive addiction treatment. The goal was for participants to reach a solution in a 28-day program at an inpatient facility.

Why choose a 28-day inpatient treatment program today? There are lots of benefits to opting for this type of rehabilitation. For those who want to get their lives back on track as quickly as possible, it’s appealing to spend one month away from work, family, and friends in order to take care of themselves and break free from the hold that drugs and alcohol has on their lives.

Most programs that last one month have several things in common. They usually begin with some type of detox from the substance that has been causing the issues. Most participants appreciate having medical assistance through this process, allowing them to be both safe and comfortable as they experience withdrawal symptoms. From there, education is a key factor in a month-long rehab. The goal is to go over different aspects of addiction to provide more of an understanding for those looking to break free, then use therapies and support systems to provide coping mechanisms that can help a person avoid a relapse.

Sometimes, 28-day alcohol rehab programs are the most cost-effective option. Private insurance may cover some of the costs of treatment, including the inpatient expenses, for around a month. If you can’t afford to spend several months away, you may be able to register for a 28-day inpatient treatment program at a high-quality facility.

After a 28-day drug rehab program, clients are urged to continue with follow-up treatment that will help support their new life choices. This may include addiction counseling in a private setting. It can also include support groups that create a safe place to share personal experiences. Even though the 28-day rehab is complete, individuals must still work to move in the right direction and maintain their sobriety.

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