How to Stay Sober: 10 Tips

Learn how to stay sober from drugs with these expert tips

Staying sober when in recovery for drug and/or alcohol addiction isn’t always the easiest thing to do. If it were, perhaps there wouldn’t be the potential for relapse. But the reality is, staying sober takes work, dedication and being intentional in your decision to live a drug and alcohol free life. With relapse rate statistics hovering between 40 – 60 percent for those in recovery, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, you may be wondering how to stay sober from drugs?

Remaining sober requires a multi-prong approach, and addicts will have a better chance at success if their mind, body and spirit are all being treated. If you or a loved one is currently in recovery, then you are well aware of the many reasons to stay sober. After successfully completing detox and rehabilitation, you know how good it feels to get your life back on track, feel better physically and mentally, and start to repair relationships with others. But stress and pressures in life can often times pull the rug out from under you. If you are experiencing one of those stressful moments in life, or are just curious how to stay on track, here are 10 reasons to stay sober from drugs and maintain your sobriety:

1. Find your passion

Use this time when your mind is clear to find what truly makes you happy and excited to wake up in the morning. This passion may involve a new hobby, traveling, achieving a dream of going back to school, etc.

2. Be aware of your circle

One of the easiest ways to fall back into old habits is to start frequenting old hangouts or groups of people with whom you used drugs or alcohol. Instead, be intentional in keeping your circle filled with strong, loving people who will encourage and bring out the best in you.

3. Help someone else

It’s said the easiest way to forget about oneself is to help another and expect nothing in return. Volunteering can help you take your mind off addiction, and in turn can help someone who truly needs it. Whether you are reading to children or taking animals for walks at a local shelter, you’ll find spending time helping others is fulfilling in many ways.

4. Ask for forgiveness

There may be strained relationships in your life due to actions on your part while you were addicted to drugs or alcohol. If possible, you may want to reach out via a letter, phone call or in person in order to apologize, ask for forgiveness and determine if there is a way to move forward. Repairing relationships can also help diminish feelings of stress and guilt.

5. Take pride in your body

This is an important tip when you are learning how to stay sober from drugs. Your body has been through so much – take care of it and treat it well through exercise, sleep, good nutrition, doing yoga, and maybe even treating yourself to a massage if possible. All of these practices can help you feel better mentally and physically.

6. Commit to being responsible

In life, most people will judge you on your actions not your words. Show up, keep appointments you set, call if you are going to be late, etc. In addition, reflect on areas you may have been irresponsible in during the past and make a plan to change those behaviors.

7. Ask for help

Perhaps one of the most important tips on how to stay sober is asking for help during difficult times. Find friends, family members and a support group you can lean on when you feel stressed or tempted to use drugs or alcohol again. Isolating yourself and not being honest about your struggles may increase your chances of relapse.

8. Educate yourself

Another way to help you stay sober is to learn as much as you can about your addiction. The more you know about drugs, alcohol and what they can do to your body and life, the more you can empower yourself and take actions against relapse.

9. Build a support team

There are many other incredible men and women who are on the same journey you are, and you can find them at support group meetings, 12-Step programs and more. Get plugged in to a 12-Step or support group near you, find a sponsor, and build a strong network that will encourage you.

10. Employ gratitude

Being thankful and grateful for how far you’ve come, all that you have been through and where your new life is headed can help you stay positive and improve your outlook.

There are so many reasons to stay sober and plenty of tips to help you along the way. Once you are connected to a local support group or 12-Step program in your area, you will be able to find more addiction tips on how to stay sober and maintain sobriety. To learn more about detox and rehabilitation, visit today!

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