Dating Advice for People in Recovery

Learning How to Have Healthy
Relationships After Rehab 

It can be challenging to cultivate healthy friendships and relationships once you have been discharged from rehab and re-enter everyday society. Knowing how to manage your dating life after treatment can help you determine the right people to have in your life. 

It’s important to associate with those who are good for your recovery and positively influence your life. Being friends and in a relationship with those who have your best interests at heart and are aware of your situation can help you sustain your sobriety long-term. 

Here are some tips for getting back into the dating scene and making healthy relationships during your recovery: 

Take your time and take it slow 

Rushing into a romantic relationship directly after rehab often leads to complications later on. Having a solid foundation is strongly suggested before you get back into dating, which means having a proper recovery plan in place, knowing where your support system is, and understanding how to handle triggers. Taking it slow will ensure that the individual you want to get to know better is not an enabler but instead wants to help you heal and supports your recovery journey. 

Be very clear from the beginning 

Letting the individuals know about your past and your struggles will help them understand you are in a state of ongoing recovery, which will last a lifetime. They should be accepting and on-board with this and want to help you succeed in long-lasting recovery.  

Your recovery is No. 1 

Your recovery comes first, always, and those who do not support your recovery or do not realize your sobriety is your top priority should not be involved in your life. If your next partner is not the biggest supporter of your recovery journey, they are not suitable for your sobriety. 

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Make sure your partner is mature enough to understand

It’s important to date someone that is emotionally and mentally mature enough to understand where you are coming from and how to support you through your recovery. Some of the indicators that your partner is emotionally mature enough to handle your situation are: 

  • They can admit their faults or wrong-doings 
  • They apologize in a genuine and concerned manner 
  • They take accountability  
  • They can empathize with you and your situation  
  • They make an effort to learn about you and your past 
  • They will help you avoid risky situations that may put your sobriety in jeopardy 

Plan dates in trigger-free zones 

When you are going on dates and getting to know each other, it’s vital to pick date spots that are not full of temptation and triggers. Avoiding bars and places where alcohol is being consumed is a wise idea as this will not tempt you or put your recovery at risk. Once you get to know the individual better, you can explain why you chose sober locations for dates.  

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