Biofeedback & Biosound Healing Therapy at WhiteSands Drug Treatment Center

Biofeedback is a procedure in which biological information is measured from the body of a client and then presented (“fed back”) to them, in order for the client to learn to get better control over it. Biofeedback therapies at WhiteSands Treatment Center are designed to improve a client’s physical and emotional well-being and ability to manage pain. This is especially important for those whose chronic pain created an addiction to painkillers, so that they can successfully withdraw from these drugs.

Treatment plans are tailored to fit the needs of each patient, and incorporate behavioral therapy with traditional and newer forms of biofeedback treatments, including:

  • EMG: electromyograph that uses electrodes to detect muscle action
  • Feedback thermometer: detects skin temperature
  • Respiratory: measures breathing patterns
  • GSR: galvanic skin response that monitors tension-related changes in skin pores
  • Heart Rate Variability: measures the changes in heartbeats
  • Peak Performance Training: to help recover and optimize function and behavioral performance
  • Neurofeedback: also called neurotherapy, it uses EEG displays to illustrate brain activity and teach self-regulation

Biofeedback therapy is effective in treating a variety of conditions that can contribute to an addiction, including anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), depression, chronic muscle pain, migraines, sleep disturbances and more.