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You may have heard of Suboxone being used to treat addictions to opiates like heroin. What you may not have heard is that it contains both buprenorphine and naloxone, and like most drugs containing an opioid, Suboxone carries with it the very real risk of becoming addictive itself. In a controlled environment and with professional medical supervision, it is possible to use the drug to successfully recover from addiction. However, many former addicts find themselves fixating on this new drug, only to become dependent on it. When this occurs, it may be necessary to detox off of Suboxone.

Why Do I Need to Know How to Detox Off of Suboxone? Can’t I Just Do it Myself?

Trying to detox without medical supervision is extremely risky business, especially in the case of Suboxone. The drug remains active in the body for a greater period of time than most opioids, which translates to a late onset of withdrawal symptoms and a longer overall period of time to complete withdrawal. The first three days of withdrawal are when immensely unpleasant physical effects, such as diarrhea and flu-like symptoms, set in. Many users will return to Suboxone in an attempt to stave off these effects, which simply resets the balance of the drug in the body and leads to the need for another detox attempt in the future. Even after two months, the withdrawal symptoms of Suboxone may persist, producing feelings of depression. In the worst-case scenario, an addict may accidentally overdose or become suicidal during their unsupervised detox.

How to Detox Off Suboxone Safely

After years of research exploring how to detox off Suboxone, it’s generally agreed upon that the safest way is with a guided detox at a rehab center. The first portion of the detox deals with disclosure. During intake, the staff will request that you detail the length of your addiction, how much Suboxone you typically take, and any other physical or mental health concerns to be aware of. Based on this information, they will then create a personalized plan for your detox. This may involve controlled tapering off of the drug over a period of weeks, or you may be given regulated doses of other medications to help you remain comfortable during the withdrawal. When all traces of Suboxone have left your body, the detox will have been successfully completed, leaving you free to continue your recovery with a clear mind and a healthy start.

Find a Professional, Accredited Facility for a Safe Detox

Depending on the length of the addiction, detoxing off of Suboxone can take as long as several months. Invest in your future and make sure your time is well-spent by finding a reliable, high-quality rehab facility. At WhiteSands Treatment, for example, our private center specializes in providing individualized treatment options, including a medically assisted detox. We also offer free clinical assessments to individuals and families who may not yet be sure what treatment plan is right for them.

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