Residential Rehab

When it comes to treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, every patient has different needs and will require a slightly different treatment program to facilitate a full recovery. For example, some people need help from a treatment center but achieve the best results if treated in an outpatient setting. However, many others will need inpatient treatment, and residential treatment is one of our specialties at WhiteSands.

What is residential rehab?

If you enter a residential rehab program then you will live at the treatment facility for an average of 30 to 60 days. During the day, you will undergo intensive treatment, often following an inpatient medical detox that slowly weans you off alcohol or your drug of abuse. Once the detox process is complete and you have stabilized, you may think that you have left addiction in the past. However, studies on relapse rates show that patients who stop their treatment after detox are much more likely to return to drugs or alcohol when compared to those who choose to spend further time in rehab.

If you join our patients in residential rehab, our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and counselors will work to help you learn new, healthier patterns of behavior that dramatically minimize your chances of future relapse. You will also have the comfort of knowing that medical attention is constantly available. For many addicts, the emotional and physical hardships of the detox process continue in a lesser form for weeks to come, and this may mean that you need additional medication or care. For example, patients who continue to suffer from paranoid delusions due to crystal meth use will be safe and cared for during their stay in residential rehab. This provides peace of mind not only for the addict but also for their family members.

What activities are involved in residential rehab at WhiteSands?

  • Therapy: Through individual and group therapy, you will learn healthy coping skills that encourage you to deal with negative emotions such as anger and anxiety, without turning to drugs or alcohol. You will also get a chance to explore the reasons why you were originally attracted to your particular drug (or drugs) of abuse, and this will often lead to resolving entrenched personal problems that have had a negative influence on your life for a very long time.
  • Working to improve relationships: If you want to involve your family in your recovery process, we can provide extremely useful education and also help your loved ones to deal with their feelings about addiction in a productive way. Many relationships are damaged by the pain of watching someone descend into alcoholism or drug abuse, and we are here to help heal those important bonds.
  • Listening to educational talks: You will be able to attend accessible and informative lectures delivered by experts who can (for example) help to further your understanding of addiction’s influence on the body and mind.
  • Boosting physical healthThe natural healing environment at WhiteSands also extends to include personalized workout programs, recreational activities and relaxing forms of exercise that can enhance emotional well-being (such as yoga and meditation). We want you to leave the treatment center feeling healthier than ever before.

Why is residential rehab so effective?

The most significant reason why we recommend residential rehab is that it offers you a safe, comfortable place that is dissociated from your previous addiction patterns. In this new environment, you will be isolated from the stresses and social influences that may have enabled your destructive behaviors and encouraged you to use addictive substances in the first place.

Of course, residential rehab also takes the prospect of relapse out of your hands for the duration of your stay, as you will not be presented with tempting opportunities to return to drug or alcohol abuse.

It is worth noting that patients in residential rehab tend to thrive in the type of community atmosphere that WhiteSands provides. In addition to dealing with our experienced, empathetic medical team, you will get the chance to form mutually supportive bonds with other people who have struggled with substance abuse. Many people find it a great relief to meet individuals who truly understand the pain of addiction, and maintaining these bonds after leaving rehab can provide a further incentive to stay sober.

You deserve to be free from the devastating cycles of drug and alcohol addiction. Call (877) 855-3470 to talk to our team of alcohol and drug treatment specialists about why WhiteSands is the perfect place to recover.