Does United Healthcare Cover the Cost of Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

What Benefits Does United Healthcare Offer For Treating Alcohol & Drug Addiction?

Concerns over how to afford the cost of alcohol or drug rehab treatment shouldn’t be a reason for not getting the help you need. This is why it’s good to know that many addiction treatment centers accept payment from a variety of health insurance companies that cover rehab services. If your insurance policy is with United Healthcare, the information below can help you begin to determine how much of your addiction treatment will be covered at WhiteSands.

United Healthcare provides its policyholders with a free, confidential alcohol and drug addiction helpline. Their 24-hour Substance Use Helpline lets you speak with a substance use recovery advocate who can give you guidance and support about your treatment options. This specialist will help you find an in-network rehab treatment provider and answer any of your health concerns, whether your questions are about yourself, a family member, or is related to your coverage and cost of care.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab today at 877.969.1993 to learn how we can help.

United Healthcare may pay for your inpatient medical detox services, residential rehab treatment, and a partial hospitalization program, which involves some time spent in residential rehab, followed up with outpatient treatment.

Your science-based treatments that may also be covered can include group and individual therapy, relapse prevention programs, recovery and life skills coaching, massage therapy, chiropractic care, art or equine therapy, and meditation programs.

Does United Healthcare Cover the Cost For Rehab?

United Healthcare has a very large network of behavioral health service providers their policyholders can choose from. Rehab treatment centers that are United Healthcare providers may provide coverage cost for some level of substance abuse rehab if the treatment is scientifically based.

Your United Healthcare insurance entitles you to treatment for substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders that may co-occur with addiction. Your policy may limit you as to the number of treatments you can access, such as 28, 30, or 45 days, or your benefits may only cover outpatient treatment. It’s important to carefully check your benefit plan coverage with a United Healthcare representative by going on their website or calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card.

How To Verify Your United Healthcare Insurance Benefits For Addiction Coverage

The intake coordinators at WhiteSands are happy to help you verify your benefits when you call (877)640-7820. We will help you determine approximately what your out-of-pocket cost will be.

You’ll want to go on the United Healthcare website to see their updated list of addiction treatment providers that are in-network or out of network for your plan. You’ll be able to navigate the information more easily by going to the Behavioral Health Directory on their website. This directory will have most of the information you need to see which treatment services for substance use disorder or mental health conditions are available to you.

You can then verify your United Healthcare benefits for addiction coverage by calling the phone number for members that are listed on the back of your insurance card. An insurance representative will be able to more thoroughly inform you about your specific benefits for addiction treatment coverage.

Does United Healthcare Cover the Cost of Attending Rehab For Spouses or Children?

As with most health insurance policies, United Healthcare covers the cost of rehab for spouses or children if your family members are a part of that plan. Couples coverage and family plans typically provide the same coverage for everyone on that plan, including spouses and children.

Tiers of United Healthcare and Benefits of Each Package

A tiered benefit plan with United Healthcare consists of different care providers and lab levels. Some of the United Healthcare commercial benefit plans with tiered benefits include Choice, Charter, Core, EDGE, Navigate, NexusACO, and Select, along with various other plans that are similar. You can look at your member card’s ID number to see whether your plan notes if you have tiered benefits.

Tier A is known as Physician Tiering, where members can utilize up to 3 levels of healthcare providers, with out-of-network coverage included. The 3 tiers or levels consist of Tier 1, in which you receive the highest benefit levels if you use the care providers listed within the Tier 1 Directory. The second level is receiving in-network benefits by using in-network providers. Level 3 is for benefit plans that include out-of-network providers, however, these provide you with the lowest cost benefits.

Tier B refers to Lab Tiering. Members can choose from up to 3 levels of laboratory testing providers. A Preferred Lab gives you the highest benefits when used. An in-network lab provides you with the next level of benefits. Using an out-of-network lab for your tests provides the lowest benefit coverage.

Does United Healthcare Cover the Cost of Inpatient Rehab?

United Healthcare typically will cover some or most of the cost of inpatient rehab, however, your particular plan might require that you first get prior authorization for that treatment. Your health care professionals and/or the professionals at a treatment center like WhiteSands must get approval for your inpatient rehab care from United Healthcare before they can begin your treatment. Your specific benefit plan and your state’s insurance regulations will differ, so first verifying what you need and what will be covered is very important before enrolling in an inpatient treatment program for rehab.

Does United Healthcare Cover Substance Abuse & Mental Health Residential Stays?

Insurance companies are required to ensure you receive the same level of care for substance addiction and behavioral health disorders that you would get for medical care or surgery. Your benefits must be the same, without restrictions for different kinds of healthcare needs. If your United Healthcare plan was purchased through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace, for example, you are covered for behavioral health treatment, mental health inpatient services, and addiction treatment.

Although each benefit plan with United Healthcare can differ, in most cases your coverage will pay for your science-based addiction rehab treatment and treatment for mental health disorders that are co-occurring with your addiction, also known as dual diagnosis.

Does United Healthcare Pay For Outpatient Rehab?

Your United Healthcare benefits plan will specify whether outpatient rehab services are covered, but in most cases, you’ll find that this insurance group will pay for a certain number of weeks of outpatient rehab.

How Long Will United Healthcare Cover the Rehab Stay For?

Your benefits under United Healthcare may limit the length of rehab services being covered. Some plans limit you to 28, 30, or 45 days of treatment. Other plans may cover up to 90 days or more. It’s best to speak with our counselors at WhiteSands, who will call United Healthcare for you to find out what your benefits entail. You can also speak directly to your insurance representative and discuss your benefits in more detail.

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